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  Friday, September 22, 2023    
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  iExchangeWeb is an any-to-any data transformation and secure transport service in an open computing environment that does not require any software installation, configuration or management. A web-hosted, subscription-based service, iExchangeWeb cost effectively extends a company‚Äôs collaborative commerce reach and effectiveness. Simply put, iExchangeWeb takes the complexity out of electronic commerce.
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Did You Know  *

Users with an Admin or Super user status can add default and drop down list values to facilitate data entry.  Simply click the Advanced tab to access the Data Entry default screen and select the appropriate form and field to modify.

To set a default value, simply type the desired value in the Default Value field and then click Set Default Value.

To create a drop down list, type the desired Data Value (the value to be sent in the actual EDI) and the Display Value (value seen during data entry but not sent in the EDI) and then click Add.  Repeat as needed.  Note that a Default Value can also be set for all of the created drop down values.

If you have any questions about iExchangeWeb, please contact us at iConnect Support or 877-275-7417.
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